About Us


Technical Marine Service, Inc. (TMS) was formed in 1987 by Dan Gray and Dennis Jackson and quickly gained a reputation as an innovative company that can fix, repair and replace most any controls on board.  Dan Gray became the sole owner in 2003.

Our engineers and technicians are skilled with many types of boiler control systems on both US and foreign-flagged vessels. Electronic and pneumatic systems installed as long as 35 years ago have been brought up to original manufacturer’s specifications. Where necessary or advantageous, sub-systems have been designed or re-engineered, replacing obsolete components with state-of-the-art equipment while still maintaining original signal protocols.  From the beginning, our approach has been the same: when the job is complete, the system must be more reliable, simpler to maintain, easier to operate, and more cost-effective to run.

As TMS grew, it recognized several critical needs on customers’ ships.  New product development was the next area for growth.  Under Dan Gray’s guidance, Technical Marine Service has expanded both our capabilities and product offerings.  With products like System 2000, LevelCom Tank Level Indicators and Displays, the install base for TMS products continues to expand.   LevelCom Tank Level Indicators, developed in 1994, are now integral equipment on commercial and military marine, offshore oil platforms, industrial manufacturing plants and well monitoring sites around the world.

TMS’s design and component selection criteria reflect the goal of enabling the system’s operators to perform the bulk of all equipment service needs without calling on outside help.

Our mission “to provide our customers with the finest products and services for any size job we do, from the smallest repair to the largest installation”, remains the same today.