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Marine Boiler Experts Since the Beginning

Technical Marine Service (TMS) specializes in marine and industrial automation. TMS established itself as a world leader in marine boiler fuel efficiency system upgrades with the advent of the SYSTEM 2000 – Boiler Automation & Control System and has since broadened their scope to a wide variety of shipboard controls and automation projects.  TMS now offers their extensive marine boiler fuel efficiency expertise to shoreside boiler projects targeting maximum boiler fuel efficiency with minimum boiler emissions. TMS remains on the cutting edge of marine and industrial boiler fuel efficiency technology.

Marine Automation

TMS marine expertise extends beyond boilers to all areas of marine automation. We specialize in retrofit applications using leading edge commercial off-the-shelf devices such as PLC’s, microprocessors, loop controllers, and Windows / Unix servers. If you have a retrofit marine controls or electronics application, TMS can provide the hardware and software expertise for your application.

Marine Engineering Staff – Depth to Solve Your Problem

TMS Engineers have years of marine and boiler expertise and are known for their ability to diagnose and solve vexing problems. From the newest to the most antiquated systems, TMS has the engineering force required to solve your marine and industrial automation needs.

Industrial Automation and Controls

Not simply limited to marine applications, TMS also provides depth of engineering expertise and knowledgeable service to industrial customers for process controls, power plant upgrades, hospital steam plants and production facilities. The depth of the TMS engineering staff provides expertise in a wide variety of brands: GE Fanuc, Allen Bradley, Siemens, Red Lion, Yokogawa, and Phoenix Technologies are just a few of the brands supported by TMS.

ABS and USCG Regulatory Approval Expertise

With numerous engine room automation projects completed that have required regulatory body approvals, TMS has extensive experience working with both the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and the US Coast Guard (USCG).


Started in 1987, Technical Marine Service has been manufacturing and installing automation systems since 1991.

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